The Wall

The most complete game yet on Quite BASIC.

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Snake and Dots Game

Get reaquainted with that hungry old snake!

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Your own Project!

This is the best gadget of them all. It runs your own BASIC program.

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First you must actually write your own BASIC program of course, but that's the fun part.

Check out the tutorial and reference on the Help menu. You can write your program from scratch or start off with one of the programs on the Samples menu.

When you are done, save your project (File->Save), and upload it to any public website.

That was the hard part. Now you just need to add this gadget to your Google home page and point it to the URL of your project (edit the URL setting after you click on "Get HTML", or later click "edit settings" on the gadget).

Writing your first program is the best part same as choosing the best web hosting sites suitable for your web programming projects.

Trebuchet II

Master a medieval weapon of mass destruction! This surprise hit game is even more fun in this 2nd version.

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Hangman Game

Another classic. The word game with the unfortunate strawman in the lead role.

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Ping Pong

Classic paddle action!

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Towers of Hanoi Puzzle

Watch a classic BASIC program solve this classic puzzle.

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